I bought my first electric guitar about 6 months ago. It's a Squier Affinity Strat, used for $100. It was a great deal. However, I play classic rock and I feel like single coils don't quite get the job done... Not to mention the insanely annoying hum they have. So I'm looking to possibly upgrade my bridge pickup to a humbucker. However, I have been hesitant towards this, as I often need a jangly tone from my Strat for the power pop I play (about 30% of what I play). But I also need the thick tone of humbuckers. I have no idea what to do anymore. I looked at getting a Seymour Duncan Hot Rails single coil sized humbucker, but now I'm still considering it. How big will the tone difference be? Will I still be able to get a jangly tone like regular Strats do? Is the installation process of one of those (or a regular humbucker) the exact same as a normal single coil, or is the wiring different? Should I upgrade the bridge, or a different pickup? The tone I'm looking for is for Cheap Trick, Led Zeppelin, Pearl Jam, etc.

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check out the Lace Sensor blue. will give you something similar to PAF sound while still retaining some of the strat tone you want. wil fit in the existing slot and will be almost noiseless.
The hot rails is nice and fat but you may lose your jangle. I chose a cool rails for the bridge. Plenty of jangle still on tap and I can simply roll off the tone to get heavier for high gain stuff. Worth a look.
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good excuse to get a new guitar...
How about a slightly different plan from a SC-sized HB? Rio Grande makes SC-sized P90s that will give you more beef, but will still retain some of the tonal qualities of standard singlecoils.




You don't even have to replace all of them- just replace the bridge pickup.
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