Hey guys. I'm still pretty novice at this home recording thing. I've got this cover of TYTFIL by Motley Crue, I think it's got potential. I just want to make sure I'm not making any major gaffes before continuing with the project. A fresh set of ears or ten would help.

My friend and I want to do like three other Crue songs and make a little tribute thing.

Any opinions would be helpful. I'll also check out your stuff in return, thanks! \m/


I did the guitars, bass, and vocals.
I programmed the drums on hydrogen. I'm kind of proud of that part in particular, I thought I got them to sound quite a bit like Tommy's original track. Not bad for a freeware program.
The only part I didn't do was the solo, my buddy Jason did that.
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The overall impression is very solid! The melody requires extreme singing techniques in some places but you pulled them off alright. You didn't make me cringe once.

The only thing I'm having a problem with is the delay on your voice. Your vocals stick out of the mix (I think it could be either a volume or a delay issue) and that's in now way because you are a bad singer (you are quite the opposite).

Guitar-wise, I never listened to much Motley Crew but the recording left me wanting for more raw guitar in the mix. Maybe if you pumped it up a little bit it would drown out some of the excess vocal volume.

Never recorded drums, so there's not much I can say about them. Except they don't sound unnatural or out of place.