So I have EMG 81/60 in my BC Rich mockingbird. I would like to take them out and replace them with my set of Gibson 480t/490r pickups. I'm going to put the Emgs in my Jackson King V which has a Duncan invader bridge pickup and stock neck. The set up I want in the mocking bird is just the typical setup but in my Jackson I would like to make it a one volume control plus selector switch and no tone knob. Can anyone explain what needs to be done so I can make this happen? Do I need to take the pot from the active guitar and keep it with the emgs? What about the selector can it stay in the mocking bird?
You will have to take the battery lead off the input jack, switch all the pots to 5ooK with a .022uf tone cap. You can use the same selector switch.

You will also need to run a ground wire to the bridge or you will get squeals/hum/buzz all the time
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Smart move I hate actives. I thought I'd love them as I used to be a sucker for marketing but I find the regular set to be boring. Too bad you couldn't try out seymour duncan blackouts though, with blackouts they have some passive pickup charactaristic so less sterility.

my advice.. Keep all the electronics in tact, you can sell them if you would want like locally I get really close to retail for EMG pickups with a "pre-wired" harness.

Robb is right about the 500k pots but capacitors are subjective. I despise 0,022uf capacitors for humbuckers the difference is too subtle. the larger the value of the capacitor the better. 0.033 perhaps is a happy medium but if you never use the tone knob I'd just wire the guitar up two volume or something.

what kind of wiring is on your mockingbird? seymour duncan has the right diagrams for most projects. If it's not les paul style I suggest B500k pots across the board. But besides that you need the following:
a mono input jack
a new 3 way toggle (ebay has cheap ones that work excellent)
make sure to add a ground wire from your guitars bridge to ground the strings by the way this is extremely important. Otherwise no matter what passives you put in the guitar it'll buzz.

while you're there copper shield the guitar for a clearer tone by the way.

wiring diagrams

custom wiring diagrams give me a private message. I joined here for that very reason to keep me on my toes. Coiltaps to 3 band EQ (not just 2) and so forth I've done almost all there is.

edit.. in fact this gives me a great idea for a blog.
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