My takamine issue
i just brought the ed50c its a wonderful guitar it comes with a preamp my first question is what is it for?
I put in some batteries and then happened to have found a 1/4 male to 3.5 female i put that in to the guitar then that in to my headphones it doesn't work why? i check every thing by turing the batteries changing the volume changing the phase switch.
Is there something wrong with my unit or the adaptor doesn't work or the adaptor is just not compatible?

You need to plug the guitar into an amplifier, plugging it straight into headphones won't do anything because there's nothing receiving and amplifying the signal.
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If you don't have a guitar amp, you might try 1 or 2 things.

Get a 1/4" male "Y" adapter, (mono), to male RCA plugs, and plug the guitar into any portable or home stereo with a "line" or "aux" input.

Plan "B", get a "headphone amplifier". Here is a representative assortment at B&H photo: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/buy/Headphone-Amplifiers/ci/1817/N/3993321490 The prices are all over the place, but the cheapest one may do the job. You may still need a selection of adapters.

My best suggestion, but unfortunately the most expensive.

Buy yourself a Peavey "Vypyr VIP 1" amp. These are running around $120.00.

It has inputs for Electric guitar, acoustic guitar, and bass (!), along with a ton of digital effects, and of course, a headphone output.

This amp has plenty of power for practice, (I expect on some occasions, too much), and is one of the most highly recommended small amps in our forums.



If you can lay your hands on that amount of money, this is probably the most effective and versatile solution available.

If you time it along with one of Musician's Friend's % off sales, you can likely knock 13 bucks off that published price, along with free shipping and no tax in most states.
I use a VOX "amplug". You can get it for about 30 bucks. But why wasting the great sound of an acoustic Takamine?