I came across a website for plastic surgery in hollywood stars and I can't help laughing at some of the outcomes and pity at the same time I mean Megan Fox looks a lot better before plastic surgery, don't you agree?
Most people look worse after plastic surgery (unless they got it because half their face was missing or something)

It's stupid, but if stupid people want to look stupid I guess that's their problem.
I have nothing important to say
It is sad to see people turn from attractive to ugly because of plastic surgery, and it is all down to having too much money unfortunately
Personal note: Never search for 'plastic surgery gone wrong' again.
Axl Rose looked really fake and weird in the early 2000's

Granted, he still does.
aint much different from any other body mod yet plastic surgery is the only one that ever gets shit on

i like to think people look the best when they are at their happiest and if it takes a brand new nose or w/e for them to reach that then so be it

When it's meant to repair something that's really broken, it may be good. When it's meant to enhance something, it's always a change for the worse.