My search for a new guitar started about 3 weeks ago, I've started to play guitar 3 months ago and progress is going very fast. My beginner guitar was a Fender cp 100 and I feel that I reached a point where I want more from a guitar.

I played on many models and variations and ended up with the following two choices:

- Guild 125CE
- Taylor 110e

Both these guitars play really really well and the sound is very different but equally beautiful, one is solid wood and the other is partly solid.

In Amsterdam, where I live, there is no shop to test them next to each other which is a huge bummer! However I feel very confident that both won't let me down, whatever I decide to do.

At this point my skills don't go further then strumming but I want to keep an eye out for the future. I mostly play singalongs and pop music. In the future I would like to fingerpick.

I'm very interested which guitar you would choose and why, hope you could help me out!

Many thanks,

For fingerpicking you might want to look at something with a wider nut and more string spacing. Even for strumming chords, the extra finger room is more comfortable for me and my large hands. My seagull has 1/3/4 nut and my yamaha is 1 9/16 and although I love both guitars, the extra space makes the seagull nicer to play. Just 1 aspect to consider.

I don't have any experience with the guitars you are looking at but taylor and guild are obviously fine guitars. I prefer a solid spruce top over anything else but there's a lot of mahogany fans out there also. A lot of differences in guitars and some are suited better for different styles and that's why a lot of us own more than 1.
Hey Rohash,

I don't want to focus on finger picking just yet, I'm planning to get really good at strumming first and getting very familiar with all the chords". The most fun part of playing the guitar, for me, is to sing with it. fingerpicking is really cool and all, but nothing that will be done within a year.

I like your tip about the nut, I don't have big hands per se but they are rather wide. I might need to do further investigation on that.

Is it true that Mahogany was originally used for budget models and therefore lesser quality then spruce?
personally i wouldn't buy either, because even though i have small hands, i find a guitar with a wider nut very nice to play. if i had to choose between them, i'd definitely take the guild as i was very impressed when i tried it a few times, and i feel it sounds more resonant than the taylor. also i like a gloss finish, and the taylor doesn't have one. and while the fact it comes with a hard case is a nice plus.

i don't know the history of mahogany tops, but i do know that some mahogany top guitars sound just incredible. one of my all time favorite smaller guitars is the santa cruz 1929 0 - just beautiful, and on my short list of guitars to buy in the future.
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Hey Patticake,

Thanks for the input!
This could be a silly question, but is it the model of the guitar that decides the width of the nut?
If so, could you throw me an example so I can compare a bit?
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each model of each brand of guitar has its own nut width. while 0 to 000 guitars commonly have a wider nut, just how wide varies from brand to brand and even model to model. the seagull S6 is one of the few lower cost dreads that has a 1.8" nut, but its beefier neck isn't to everyone's taste, and it has no electronics, although you can add them. the seagull performer series (high end solid tops) has the wider nut and electronics, and the martime series is all solid and can be had with electronics.

the guild GAD F-130 CE is an all solid OM with electronics, a very nice guitar but if you're looking for a dread, well, it isn't one. often dreads have narrower nuts - there are exceptions.

blueridge guitars with an A in the model have solid adirondack tops, solid backs and sides and a 1 3/4" nut, and they have a couple dreads but no electronics. nice guitars, though.

personally i prefer a slightly wider nut than 1 3/4" - 1 13/16" and 1 7/8" give my fingers room to move faster without having to hold a strict position. not only are thesewidths more comfy; they allow me to play more accurately with a more comfortable wrist position. everyone is different, but that's the case for me.

wish i could list off some more wide nut dreads, but like i said, they're a bit hard to find and due to an injury, i play smaller guitars or jumbos - dreads are the least comfortable to play when you have shoulder injuries. the martin ditson has a wider nut, but is probably out of your price range and they may have stopped making them.
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Hey Rohash,

Is it true that Mahogany was originally used for budget models and therefore lesser quality then spruce?

I don't know about that, but either way, it's certainly not lesser quality. Just produces a different sound. All about preference. Neither is inherently better, although spruce is far, far, far more common as a top wood, because it projects so well. A mahogany top is going to make for a softer, darker sound. Which is actually why Taylor is starting to make so many models with mahogany tops, as it balances out the natural brightness of the Taylor design, which some people find to be too bright.

Also, regarding your comment in the OP that one of the guitars you're looking at is solid and the other is part solid, is that Guild all solid? Because the Taylor definitely isn't. The 100 series is solid top, lam back and sides. If that Guild is all solid, and in the same price range as a 110ce, it sounds like a good deal.
yes, the guild is all solid. and no, the taylor is a solid top. the guild GAD series offers very good value - their guitars are all solid, gloss finish and come with a hardshell case. and the one i've played sound good, too.
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