Hello All

I've posted some tracks on here in the past and this is a short snippet of a song I'm currently working on called Cathedrals. It's not mixed so what your hearing is basically the parts as they were recorded. I'll post the full mixed track in the future

Cathedrals Snippet - https://soundcloud.com/morphitis/cathedrals-part-i-song-snippet

Anyways, I'd appreciate it if you could check out this snippet and some of the other tracks on my soundcloud and let me know what you think. As per the thread title, I'm happy to return feedback on your tracks if you post the link to your thread.

Cheers, Morphitis
A lovely mixture of the sublime segueing into some smoothly gritty rock. Beautifully produced and arranged, I feel that it would benefit form some more upfront mastering processing.
Superb polyrhythmic drumming, excellent guitar, both the chords and lead parts, this snippit is full of potential, full of symphonic possibilities - my only complaint is that it's too short, I want to hear how this develops.
Lots of genuine emotion and poetical feeling here too - the challenge now is to develop and compliment these sections while keeping a continuity of vision and ideas.
This could be epic!

C4C here.
Hi Jathon

Thanks for the positive feedback on the snippet. This track is around 12 minutes in entirety but haven't quite finished all the recording to start the mixing and mastering yet. I'll post the full song in the future once it's fully ready.

I'll make sure to check out your track

Thanks, M