I don't have much knowledge about pedal boards so I need some help.
I'm not sure if what i'm after is a midi controller/footswitch or something like that I wouldn't have a clue.

About buy a 3 channel dual rectifier and I need something that can switch channels and multiple effects with the press of one button.

For example Button 1 is amp channel 1 clean with chorus, delay and reverb pedals.
Button 2 is amp channel 1 just clean amp no effect
Button 3 is amp channel 2 light amp distortion with delay pedal
Button 4 is amp channel 3 heavy distortion with od pedal.

If anyone could recommend any switches/controllers that would be great as I don't know much about setting up racks or anything like that.
You would buy a footswitch to go along with the amp and from the same company to ensure compatibility. You'll set up three different presets on the amp and save them. The manual the comes with your amp will tell you how to do that. Each one will be accessible by footswitch. So like you said, one clean, one light distortion and one heavy distortion.

Unless the amp has built-in effects like delay, chorus, tremolo, what have you, you'll have to buy those separately and turn them on when you need to.

Otherwise you will have to go the effects processing route (which will not sound as good as standalone pedals, especially with OD/distortion), and you can get a Digitech RP500 or 1000, or a Boss ME-80 or GT-100. I highly recommend, if you go this route, to buy a standalone OD (TS9, OCD, FD2, FD3, Green Mile, Dirty Monkey, etc) or boost pedal (LPB1, Micro-Amp, Spark, Plainsman, etc), or both.
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Or you know.. midi setup.

On the cheap you get get yourself a looper and plug all your effects in there. Then loop 1 could be: reverb+ chorus, loop #2: OD only and so on. There's still a little bit of tap dancing for channel and effects but it's way cheaper this way.

Edit: OP tell us your budget.
I used o have a tc electronics g major 2 with a behringer fcb for controller. I used it for this exact purpose. Worked great!
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I'm not sure how Mesa footswitches work - Midi or trs - but something like a Voodoo Labs Ground controller would be an option too.
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Joyo PXL live if on a budget
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