So I traded a buddy of mine for a Jackson DK2 pro. I like the guitar but it needs a bit of work. Whoever wired it up did a bad job. The tone knob does nothing, and the volume knob acts very strange. As well as some pieces missing here and there.

It has a humbucking bridge pickup, and 2 singles. It has a tone, and volume knob and a 5 way blade.

I am looking at either EMG, Duncan or Dimarzio pickups. EMG sells some sets for that configuration I dont seem to see any with the other two. I play mostly rock, alternative, and heavier stuff.

I would like to have the ability to coil tap the humbucker as well. I have been trying to find wiring diagrams for this. Also not sure what pots would work best for this.

Any suggestions would be great. Thanks
just take it to an experienced tech and he/she should be able to fix it and make it coil tappable. Also go with a Dimarzio in the bridge, you'll love it
I want to do it myself. I am sure I would be better off taking it to a tech, but I want to learn. I have done my fair share of wiring other things so I'm sure I can handle it. I will take it to a tech to get setup once I have it all wired.

I was also looking at getting a bare knuckle juggernaut bridge humbucker, but have no idea what to pair it with
What do the stock Duncans do that you aren't happy with?
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I also have to do that. Cottaging this weekend
kind of biased to just say just Dimarzio will be good any as every company has a good and bad pickup to our ears.

fix the wiring using a seymour duncan wiring diagram, it'll help big time
start with the strings and try a few brands out
some different picks
pickups I worry about last

a brass big block on the tremolo goes a long way, the tuners are fine on the DK2 pro series I found so with the pickups if they are hum cancelling in the single coils just focus on the bridge, high output I'd go for idealistically so when you "coiltap" it for a hum cancelling single coil tone (not coilsplit) you'll get that more vintage sound sort of like a strat.

alder is a bright sounding wood so if the guitar is too bright avoid steel strings
consult the tone or EQ charts of pickup companies. its a lot of work but it'll be well worth it. As long as the pickups have 4 wires you're set.
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What do the stock Duncans do that you aren't happy with?

I wouldn't say I'm not happy with them, I just want to experiment a bit. I don't believe they are the stock pickups. If they are the factory wiring is absolute shit. I should posr a pic of them.

I like having projects to do in my spare time so I though I would clean up this guitar and make it better.

I could continue to use them, but I figured since I would be yanking it all at anyways why not try something different.

Either way I go though pickup wise. Which kind of tone and volume pots work best for this pickup setup. Cause I don't think these are proper
What are these mystery meat pickups? Do they have any markings on them?

If the wiring is as bad as you say it is, it probably isn't stock.

What kind of pots you may want to use may depend on what pickups you choose. But generally 500k for humbuckers, 250k for single coils. Get CTS pots. Capacitors are completely up to you, but .022 microfarads are common for humbucker-equipped guitars and .047 for single coils. Use whatever kind you want. I personally don't care for tone controls at all, but you might.
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I also have to do that. Cottaging this weekend
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500k pots because of the humbucker, if the single coils aren't warm enough I know just the mod but it's kind of monotonous so if the pickups in the single coil volume down about half if they are too "Bright"

duncan designed aren't bad by the way they are import variants of real seymour duncans. I had two DK2 guitars and one of them had the stock pickups still in it. All 3 pickups are 4 wire if memory serves me right so you can make them do just about anything. Follow the seymour duncan color code and you can do anything a "real" seymour duncan pickup can do.. but again nothing wrong with duncan designs. Made in USA is bastardized so much that people think only they can make "quality".

When wiring them up since you're going to be doing it from scratch you would need a..
B500k volume pot , I always accentuate on B500k for a smoother and more predictable 10-1
B500k tone pot , I have a blog on picking the right electronics on my profile.
0.033 or 0.047 capacitor (might as well be 0.033uf because of the single coils)
5 way blade go with the 8 contact type. No sense in getting a super 5 way switch
your existing mono input jack will be fine
push pull pots are a plus of course to push the guitar further.

0.033uf is more subtle than the 0.047, 0.047 is a much more noticeable difference in tone if you choose to roll the tone down but if you got money to burn and can solder well try the "fender TBX" It's 12 USD it shapes your tone twice as much. When you want no effect put the knob on 5. When using it
0-4.9 = regular tone knob
5 = no effect
5.1-10 = fender greasebucket (Gets rid of the harsh highs and clears up your tone)

when wiring Push pull pots though think of them as DPDT switches they are the on/on variant, you can get hum cancelling coiltaps, out of phase and all kinds of other mods with them.
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