Hey there I'm a pretty new member here although I have been using this site for tabs for many years, I hope that I don't annoy anyone by posting in the wrong section or what not , but I was wondering what smart people out there could identify this guitar for me?

Its an old guitar as you can clearly see and I'm thinking from around the 50's era? It doesn't have markings or anything so I'm pretty clueless, its been in my possession for some time now and I would just like to know!

Many Thanks, Sarah.
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Probably impossible to really know, but it reminds me of the old Silvertone, Stella, Kay and Harmony acoustics sold as beginner instruments in the 50's. Others were made, including some Japanese ones, those are the only brands I can remember. Usually pretty inexpensive, didn't sound great and often had necks like baseball bats..My first guitar was a Silvertone made about 1960, similar construction without the string claw at the back, with a sunburst paint job, but probably very close to that one in quality and construction. The Silvertone I had was most likely made by Harmony.

Had to do a little searching, but the guitar in the picture here looks about like my Silvertone, my guess was right, built by Harmony.


Google a little for Stella, Kay, Harmony, Silvertone acoustic guitars, usually you'll find a link to images. Have to use the word acoustic, or most searches turn up mostly electrics. As I mentioned, others were made, I can't remember the brands tho0ugh.
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I agree. It looks to be a cut above the usual cheapie of that era.. The trapeze tailpiece is a better-quality item than you often see, as is the floating bridge. Also, you rarely see a slot-head design on the real bargain numbers.

Looks to have been very extensively played to judge from the fretboard wear. See if you can determine if the top is solid, or laminate.
I'd say....Clean it up, re-string it, and see how she sounds.