Ok, I started writing recently and it has not gone too well so far. I have managed to write bits and pieces all over the place but nothing really solid, until a few days ago when I sat down and actually came up with something that I really like. I think that it has the potential to be a great song but there is still a lot of work to be done on it. I would love to get some peoples opinions on it and maybe that will help me choose a direction to take it in. So any tips advice critiques are welcome. P.S. If you have something you want an opinion on leave a ink in your post and I will listen to it. I love listening to other peoples stuff, there is so much talent out there its crazy lol. Thanks guys here is the link to the song :

That sounds good i can't give any advice since i just started to write
and i can get any thing off the ground!
I really dig the chord progression at ~46 seconds. I can already hear lyrics being sung over it in my mind. Something you can work on or add is transitions from one guitar part to the other so they don't feel as abrupt. But yeah man just keep working on it and add any new ideas you can think of till you find something that you think works!

If you'd like to hear/review a song I made: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1668086
And everything that once was
infinitely far
and unsayable is now
and right here in the room.

- Franz Wright
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Hi James,

Congrats I like how that guitar sounded, If you just started songwriting I'd really recomend the book" songwriting genius within you",

It talks about creativity, how to find ideas buried in your unconcious and ways that you block yourself from writing amazing music.

Careful asking for opinions to random people, they might have diferente taste than you and tell you your music sucks, so try to look for people with similar taste.

Good luck!
It's nice. Can't really help a lot though, I suffer badly from being able to write lyrics & music but can not combine both lol.
My teachers always were telling me - Take your self out of the song or put your self beside the tune and just let it be the front of what you feel.
Nice instrumental guitar work James! I think it has a very pleasant sound and nice picking/strumming + hammer-ons for sure. I really like how you change the rhythm after the first 4 bars from when you begin and how it does that several times in the song, but keeps it all together somehow. The only thing i could say to take this to the next level would be to multi-track record it. Create and experiment with some percussion from whatever you have i.e. household items to real drums/hand drums, etc. Then lay down the guitar parts you created. This is the fun part because however you record your percussion will be the foundation of how you do the guitar parts over it. Or vice versa (guitar first, percussion second). Next make a melody or do vocals. Sometimes when you create vocals then a melody comes from that. keep it up buddy, i think its actually quite good and i've been recording/making music for 20+ years. If you want to hear some of my older work please go to - micpogo.bandcamp.com. I'm an outside of the box kind of musician and i love all forms/genres of music. Cheers!
Wow, Thanks for the comments and inspiration. Do you know of anywhere I could get software for the multi-track recording? To be honest I have wanted to do it for a while but I cannot seem to find the software for it
Here is a link to a program that i've used for a couple of years now off and on - it is great for multi-track recording - http://www.reaper.fm/. I don't think i payed hardly any money for it.

I use another machine to do most of my solo home recordings, it's a digital 8 track made by Roland, but one day soon will get into computer recording solely as i've done it lots with friends and such and its the main way to record these days without buying tons of equipment. I think to use Reaper you can record with simply your laptop or desktop microphone (there is one usually embedded into every laptop i know with a webcam, not sure about desktops actually). Or if you want to take it up one level then you need to buy a computer audio interface. You can get a decent one for about $100-$200, maybe cheaper if you look in the used section of craigslist or something like that. The interface you just hook up to your computer via USB or Firewire. Do some research on it and buy/download Reaper and get into the world of multi-recording, you won't regret it! It'll only make you a more experienced musician and the fun level will be off the charts when you start recording. And your songwriting will get to a whole new level as well. Please email me at micpogo80@gmail.com for more info and to keep communicating if you have anymore questions and such. I do like this forum though as i'm new to it. Good luck with everything! - Mic
Nice 'Blues Song in A' James! I dig the sound and feel to it. An interesting take on a blues riff/song. You would do wonders improving on the solo lick parts if you did them over a metronome or a rhythm that was steady, that would just be my suggestion. you have great rhythm it seems, now just to nail those lead licks over the same tight rhythm. keep it up and good work!