There was a lack of motivation. At one time, it was Seattle Sounders a chance to win the Cascadia Cup, and the transition to lead shield of supporters and securing a place in the playoff for FIFA. Instead, the team at the end of the day to just FIFA 15 are struggling to stay alive in the quest for a playoff FIFA seemed lacking in FIFA 15 ultimate team in the end, as the Sounders fell 4-1 to the Vancouver Whitecaps Wednesday CenturyLink Field. It was undoubtedly the house as a result of the disappointing Saunders history.It do not have to be this way, of course. Saunders was caught in a terrible removed to give the first goal for FIFA, but I had great opportunities to equalize. Proved waste and showed zero insight into the offensive fut coins third. The bad decisions and missed opportunities moments.Even determine the extent of the bond that will make the lives of Saunders' much easier. Instead, they go to Portland now what is the FIFA 15 game of FIFA must-win in every sense is literal. 'Disappointing performance and the weakness of us tonight. It seems that the last two FIFA 15 games, when FIFA 15 ultimate team at the end of the day, the other shoots are the result. We have to find a way to stop it. '(Over the emphasis on the outcome of the FIFA 15 game ...)' You all want to focus on that now so you can send an e-Product-large we take nine goals in two FIFA 15 games for FIFA, FIFA, our defense was porous, marked for FIFA, we do not have good goalkeepers FIFA, our central defense was not good, then you can make a big thing out of it. '(If the criticism is justified ...)' You can write whatever you want. If you write a bad article, I try not to criticize him. You can write ten good articles, but bad articles, and we will get your case to him. Later in the day, the performance was not good today, did not perform well in the state of Colorado, and is unacceptable. We live and die together, live and die as FIFA 15 Ultimate Team, the staff, everyone. It is unacceptable for us as a team training, it is unacceptable for us, as a team, eventually, FIFA 15, and it is unacceptable for only the last two performances. There is no justification for everything you say, because obviously we've done nothing in two FIFA 15 games for the position of FIFA to show the difference. '(On personal decisions ...)' team needs to play better FIFA. Obviously, we provide some people earlier this year, why not think they were playing FIFA fully. Then they came back and they played better FIFA. Now, they are not FIFA plays well. We were hoping to get [Pat] Ianni this FIFA 15 game and then it came with a leg injury, and then, suddenly, today was better, but at that time we were already resolution we play FIFA in the back. He came in and I thought he was playing FIFA well, but he should be ready to go, too, at first, you can not impaired. '(Where late parts of the FIFA 15 ultimate team and he will be ...) 'I think we have to look at everything.