Hi, I'm new to acoustic guitars, though I've played electric for a few years. I recently sold my electric (an Ibanez RG120) because I wanted to switch to acoustic. I've been checking out guitars and have it down to two choices. So my question is, which would make for a better beginner guitar and transition from electric to acoustic, the new Epiphone PRO-1 Acoustic, or the Jasmine S-34C? Advice on a better alternative from these that's priced for around $150 would be much appreciated as well, thank you!
Well I too am more of an electric player than acoustic, but I wanted one to mess about on around the house. I ended up with a Pro 1 and couldnt be happier. Sounds great, and dont be put off by the light gauge strings, they suit the guitar well. Stays in tune forever as well. Another thing worth mentioning is that I tried the basic Pro 1 and the more expensive Pro 1 Plus, and to be frank the difference in tone was negligible. The Plus lookef a bit nicer though with the binding, but not worth the extra imo.
The Epi "Pro 1" series acoustics are designed for players who are beginning, and those more experienced who want to "shred" on an acoustic. The combination of light strings, low action, and jumbo frets should make any former electric guitarist feel right at home.

The light strings do sacrifice a bit of the heavy bottom, projecting sound, of a more traditional acoustic dreadnought.

With that said, the only purchase I would make of that series is the, "Pro 1 Ultra", the top AE version. I think former electric players would tire of an all acoustic version of the guitar rather rapidly.

Face it guys, it's not like you're just learning or anything. Much sooner, rather than later, you're gonna want to plug in, kick in a couple of FX, and bend some strings.
I think I'm going to consider the Pro 1 heavily, but like you said, I may eventually want to plug in and play. I don't have much money now but I think I'll save up for the Ibanez AEW40ZW if it's any good.
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...[ ].... I don't have much money now but I think I'll save up for the Ibanez AEW40ZW if it's any good.
I sincerely doubt that it is, at least as compared to a more traditional spruce top acoustic. A lot of the companies that are big name electric makers have these, "exotic wood", show pieces. Dean and Ibanez spring immediately to mind. The top wood is simply veneer over... ???...., and the wood veneers involved aren't good acoustic (top) tone woods to begin with. Which is not to say these guitars don't have a place in music, but they are mainly plug me ins, designed for show. Dean has the "Aphex Aural Exciter" system, while Ibanez offerings have an onboard chorus. So for stage use they're OK. I have an Ibanez EW20 Ash (LH), and it's the last guitar I pickup when I feel like playing 6 string.

Anyway, since money is an object, (and isn't it always for all of us?)) You can get a fine acoustic electric at the $300.00 price point. So, I think you could have better tone at $100.00 or more less than that Ibby.

The Yamaha FGX-700, The Epiphone Dove, Hummingbird, and Pro 1 Ultra all come to mind. Just take your time, read reviews, and listen to different instruments while you're saving.