Hey guys.
So I've been going crazy about trying to learn Born of Osiris Machine on a 6 String bass.
The Sweeping Parts. I found a guy playing it ages ago but cant find any tab for it.


Thats the video im talking about ^^^^^

Ya so I just want to learn Guitar 1 parts for the sweeps.
(btw i play a ibanez 1206 premium)
So I have no idea how to go about playing the guitar part on my bass. I've seen another bass player do the sweeps and go up down octaves on a 4 string but i wont to do it on my 6.

Here is the guitar tab:
tuning: C G C F A D
Born of Osiris - Machine
Drop C tuning
Tabbed by Lorcan Ward

Lead Guitar:

|-----------------------------------17-15-14--------| X 8

So please how would i go about this? Playing this on my 6 string bass. Could i tune like a guitar?
Compared to standard B tuning for a 6 string bass, you'd need some light strings to tune it to Drop C, guitar style. Could definitely be done though, and if you really want to learn those guitar parts on bass, it might be your best bet. Looks like that's probably what the guy in the video did, as I suspect he's using super light strings anyway, to get those crazy ass sweeps and taps so fluid.

The other option is you tune the high G and C strings of your bass down to F# and B, so you have the Major 3rd interval between your 3rd and 2nd strings like a guitar tuning. Then, if you've got at least 21 frets (for that highest tap note), you could move the whole tab up 3 frets, and you'd be golden. Or, just play it exactly as tabbed, and you'd just be transposing it down a step and half. Would still sound super cool, but would be off if you're playing along with the recording.
If anyone else is wanting the tab but 3 frets up on bass here it is:

Lead Guitar / bass:

|-----------------------------------20-18-17--------| X 8