I used to use a 5W blackheart head through a 4x12 cele cabinet with a massive pedalboard, then I stopped playing for a couple years and life took over most of the space, so I'm stuck using my 15w hughes and kettner solid-state practice amp, and now i've started playing properly again I fear it is incompatible.

a few friends a while back had those Vox Valvetronix amps and I was quite impressed with them. However it seems they have moved on somewhat and I was wondering if the newer versions are still as good?

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I had one of the earlier ones. The AD30VT
I really liked it.
The newer ones have more amp models, more effects, more presets, etc.

I would buy another one in a heartbeat.
Definitely one of the best practice amps around. I loved mine and it served me well, even on a couple of gigs.
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Definitely one of the best practice amps around.

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I have tried the AD50VT, solid amp for the price and a good sound as well, usually around ~$250 used. I have also tried the VT20+, compared directly to an AC15, and it sounds darn close for the price tag. I wouldn't go past the VT20+ though.

If you need an effects loop, get the AD50VT. I would suggest the VT80/120+ for effects loop stoof, but at that point you could just get a real tube amp.
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I've owned two of them. A newer VT80+ a while ago, and then I sold that one and upgraded to a larger amp, but older Valvetronix model, the original AD120VT.

Both are awesome. I've recorded and gigged with both of them, and they are just great. Only complaint of any kind is that when I got the AD120VT, it was a huge bitch trying to find the footswitch for it, since it's an older model that's been discontinued. I did track one down though, and it rocks.