Hey guys,
So i bought a 6 string but am underwhelmed by the number of tabs i can find compared to a 4 and 5 string bass. Im finding it hard finding stuff to play. I'm looking for stuff to sweep and tap have you guys got anything? any scales and tab i can sweep? i doesn't have to be a song I'm just looking for some exercises and practice.

A lot of technical death metal bands use 6 string basses. Mike Flores from Origin is the first to come to mind. I think Jeff Hughell from Brain Drill actually plays a 7, but I'm sure you can play most of the sweeping parts on 6. Scott Plummer from Viraemia plays 10 strings but you may be able to do some of his tapping runs with "only" 6 as well. Otherwise Stephan Fimmers from Necrophagist and Jeroen Paul Thesseling from Obscura probably do something somewhere that you might like.
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Most of the songs you find for a 5 string can easily be played on a 6 string.. there's nothing wrong with that. The extra string is just an ease for soloing. My friend who plays a 6 string bass found most use for it through transcribing guitar tabs for bass. There you can get a lot of sweeps too..

If you're looking for just an exercise, make one of your own, I've found those to be the best ones in getting a hand of wanted technique (alternate picking, legato, etc.).
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If I had a 6 string (NEED. WANT.), I'd tune it F# B E A D G because I prefer the timbre of higher notes higher up the fretboard - it keeps the low end in the sound - and because it'd be handy to have an extra string for notes that aren't already on the fretboard. That does mean I'd need a Dingwall though, but I have no problem with that