Hey all, my wife's friend has a Washburn MG-34 that I could probably get for free, it's MSRP was $500 in the 90's. It needs new pick ups (2 humbuckers and a single coil) and a new bridge because they're rusted. My only concern is that the body is plywood and therefore might not even be worth it.

So my question is, is it possible to get this guitar performance ready while staying within a reasonable price range or should I not bother?
Here's some info on that guitar. Scroll down to the "Imports" section, it says hardwood body, made in 1993. Original retail price $500.


Probably worth fixing up, depending on how rusty the bridge is, might be able to clean it up or could need replacing. Aluminum foil used the same as sandpaper can clean up a lot of surface rust without scratching. Pickups are a different story, check around and you might be able to find some decent ones used at a good price, I've found several good ones at guitar stores where people brought guitars in to have them replaced for the latest hot diggity pickups and nothing was wrong with the originals. Last ones I got was a pair of Humbuckers for $5 each. Most of the national chains like Guitar Center might not have that, check with local smaller shops, they often have loads of parts and will let them go at decent prices.
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You can find some deals on pickups on eBay as well, and many will have photos of them on the meter, before buying on eBay just make sure the dealer is reputable as far as how long they have been dealing and their feedback score, I grabbed more than one pickup form eBay for $35-$40 Duncan's DiMarzio's, EMG's and never received a bad one.
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