I’m from poem - I am a god.
I’m from my mother’s womb in a bloody room
From hospital smells that erase the mark of us.
I am from a dead gray Ohio sky and a shallow depression in the earth that floods frequently
From a Native American named town that we had not earned but stolen
I’m from evergreens and white porcelain fields and
From a breath filled with oxygen from the cluster of trees.
I am from punching windows, shattered glass
From bloody wounds mended by the doctors.
I’m from a bleach daze yet again that kills my DNA on the surface
From my molecules, my atoms, chromosomes, and spirals.
I am from number sequences and strategically timed events that took place
From England, Netherlands, Ireland, Germany, Canada, and the Cherokees.
I’m from Hitler.
From my ancestors meeting the criteria of deserving to live.
I am from an old 2004 GMC truck with perfect air conditioning
From tan eroded seats and chipped paint.
I am from never staying in a place long enough to call home
From divorce that after many year of consideration, I accept.
I am from realizing all of this evil and sin has nurtured and taught,
From not getting phone calls or cards and owning empty promises.
I am from moving on.
As we are all unfound
Just look out and around
Turn deep down
And see

We are all our own ground
Forever unbound
And the stars we are all ready
To be.

I love your words I'm from Ohio too and I feel your history.
"Hey kid. You wanna cigarette?"

"No thanks! I/m already hooked on Fonicks!"