Hi peeps,
Newbie here and hoping someone can give me some advice. Ive been playing acoustic for 4 or 5 years and my last guitar which was a Dean Daytona E smashed horrifically a few days ago so Im guitarless
Im looking to buy a cheap 2nd hand one (until ive got money to buy a new one) and have been looking on ebay & gumtree etc
One caught my eye, its a Vintage V300 which has good reviews on the net however this particular guitar has some cosmetic damage which Im unsure would affect the sound of the guitar. The guy is looking for £35 for it so im wondering if the damage would make it not worth it and also whether these are good guitars in general in your opinion. the pics in the listing show the damage so if anyone could be kind enough to have a look for me and see what you think


Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated as im not very knowledgeable on acoustic guitars and I know you guys have a wealth of information. Or any other cheapish acoustics I could look for?
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that is one hell of a scratch, and i think there's a crack on the back but to be fair, you're paying very little. i see all the seller's feedbacks are positive. considering the low price you're paying, you're not likely to find much else. i would make sure the seller confirms to me in email through the ebay system that the guitar's damage is cosmetic only so ebay can get your money back if it turns out there's issues, but because your budget is SO low, i might consider this guitar.

on the other hand, if it turns out that is a crack on the back and you can't afford to have it stabilized, the guitar may have a limited lifespan.

if it were me, i'd buy a harley benton or the best yamaha i could afford from thomann. yeah, you aren't going to end up with a great guitar, but no guitar you get at your price range is going to be a great guitar. at least this way you'd end up with a new guitar with no issues.
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At that price the scratch wouldn't bother me at all, and what I would be looking at is playability. In this case there is a lot of saddle left for lowering, so even if the action is high, the saddle can be lowered to compensate. The neck relief might also need a tweak, so you might want to budget for a basic set up. This applies to any guitar you buy without trying it.
Thanks guys for the advice, I think I might just buy this one as im missing not having a guitar so badly and £35 seems a fair price. Has anyone any experience playing this model in particular and if so any opinions?

Vintage 300 is an excellent choice, I have expensive, mid ranged and two cheap guitars, one being the Vintage 300. It punches well above its weight and is by far the best value guitar I own.

Personally I would steer clear of the one you had a link too. There is no way of knowing whether that damage will be causing a buzz or some other nasty noise, it certainly could be. It may only be £35 but if it doesn't play well, it will definitely put you off playing.

If u have already bought it... Hope it is alright and works out for Ya.

good luck
I am in guitar shops all the time tinkering with different models, Infact I was just yesterday. I can't think of a single acoustic under £500 that would sway me off the Vintage300. Also, don't be swayed onto a 400 or other Vintage model. They got it bang in on the 300, other models do feel more like their value price tag.

Seeing one of the comments above, I would add that if you are a beginner, the 300 won't need any setting up to get going. The action (distance between stings and fret board) is very reasonable and the necks are true when shipped (unfortunately you won't know if the individual guitar you buy has a fair neck without trying it and looking it; just because the factory does a decent job of setting the guitar up doesn't mean it hasn't been stood next to a raditor in someone's house or shop etc. Warping the wood).

Biggest tips for a beginner.

1) Make sure you have a guitar that is playable, if you are finding barre chords difficult for example, take the guitar into a guitar shop and ask them if it could be improved by having it set-up. Yeah it costs to have a shop set it up (many players learn to do their owns set up but it isn't for beginners), but it way worth it. I gave up for years because having tried guitar once but without making progress, I thought it was me so gave up. Now I know it wasnt me, it was the cheap guitar I had which had an unplayable action (too much distance between strings and fret board). The problem is, most cheap guitars have poor actions when shipped which puts a lot of newbies off. This is not the case with the V300

2) Get a teacher, and specifically one who you enjoy be taught by. If you aren't enjoying it move to another teacher. Guitar definitely is something you can teach yourself, and lots of top players are self taught. However, most of them started young, were very committed, and had talent for the insrument in abundance. The benefit to having a good teacher is you progress much faster and they can tell you things that it may of taken you years to find out for yourself, plus they stop you from having bad habits that will effect your playing as you progress.

I only took up guitar just over two years ago. I have played without fail for at least 3 hours every day, and was lucky enough to find an amazing mentor who I saw once a week for a year and half. I am now in two bands and am earning several hundred pounds a month as an amateur playing pubs, bars, small music venues and weddings.

Good luck!
Thanks for all the great helpful advice limeydog! I defo do want a vintage v300 & hopefully can buy the one I was looking at
I asked the seller if the cosmetic damage affected the guitars sound in any way and he responded "It's about 5 years old. The damage is purely cosmetic. It may need restrung but it still plays really well.
I was wondering if theres any specific questions I should be asking the seller with regards to the damage. Sorry for all the questions, its just im a novice in this field

Seen a Hudson & Co for £40 which looks new but I know nothing of this make


Sorry again for all the questions and any help is greatly appreciated
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Or A Yamaha F310 I think also going for the same price, Im in a dilemma as to what to go for and dont want to make a rash decision bit its horrible not having one to play on ):
I don't know anything about the vintage 300 but it looks like it is a well regarded guitar in it's price range. The 2 ugly marks on the guitar look like deep scratches/gouges cosmetic only. The innocent looking line on the back of the guitar looks like it could be a crack. If it's just a surface crack, then it's probably no big deal but if it is all the way through that could be a problem that needs repaired. Also in my own recent dumb experience; there could be a brace directly underneath that also got cracked if it got banged against something. I'd ask the seller about that before bidding. If all the marks are indeed cosmetic, this could be a steal if you can get it for 35.
The seller isn't neccissarily going to be forth coming about issues even when asked. Or, if they are novice too, they may genuinely not be aware of issues. V300s can be found for not much North of £100 new. If it is a guitar u r picking up, I would go and have a try.
Hi all,
I have clarified with the seller that there are no cracks on the back atall so I take it theres nothing to worry about?
Again sorry for all the questions