A song with some Pink Floyd moments... playing around with the Whammy.

Float is the top song listed on my site:



I want to live in this light of mine...
Exist in all that I behold.
A perfect world that floats through time…
Always young and never old.

But it’s lonely, oh so lonely,
When you’re standing on the shore.
Only hope floats in a glass boat.
I’m a fool like before.
Hey dude. Sounds very Floyd. The solo guitar needs to be maybe slightly louder, its almost buried in the texture. The tone of the electric guitar is just a tad icy. What alot of people do when they record is use less distortion and generally mellower tones in studio than they do live. The vocals sound very Floyd, haha it was pretty interesting.

Instrumentally the song is rather good, I like the solo that comes in after the lyrics, and you use the whammy pedal pretty well. The only thing I have to comment on really is the tone of the guitar being a tad icy, the soloing itself is not bad at all.

This song was overall pretty good, I kept listening for the whole thing. The guitar playing was gripping.

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It sounds fine through my monitor speakers (may sound icy through computer speakers). In regard to the mix, this is what I've noticed when doing a mixdown for a wave or mp3 file... if I listen to the song via Google Chrome, I can barely hear the guitar, although it is plenty loud through my mixing program (Sonar) and through my monitor speakers. When I listen to it through Explorer, it sounds a lot better and different. I'm not sure why that is.
Pitchy: not right on the money pitch-wise. You're not way off, but it is noticeable to me. I think some pitch correction (I prefer Melodyne) would probably help. Melodyne works good for pseudo-double-tracking vocals also: mix the pitch corrected track with the un-pitch corrected track, move one of the tracks .020 to .030 seconds relative to the other one.