I was wrote my first tab yesterday. but UG cant approve my tab. why?
even they dont explain reason. they never answerd my question. lol.

l was wrote tab 'hysteria (with some live performance) - Muse' 100% correct.
U knw muse well then me? i tried 4 hours to find out Muse's hysteia live tab. i was watched their hysteria live video for 4 hours.
N i even knw all of muse's live perfomance, original tab. u guys not wonder?
I had been watched thier live video for 1 years. 1 years. every day!
UG's purpose is getting popular, famous, one of the best guitar music site right?
then approve my tab! u rejected my tab 4 time! wth!
I have Back in Black Outro, HARRP, Austin Cuty 2013 Outro, Rome 2014 etc every live!
100% right.