Hey guys, I'm thinking about buying a new guitar and I've decided on Schecter. The 3 guitars I've narrowed down to are:
1. Banshee Elite-7 FR S
2. Hellraiser hybrid C-7 FR
3. JL-7 FR

This will be my first ERG, and I want to make the best choice for me. I've played the Loomis signature guitar and I was amazed by the neck. The 26.5" scale feels great for my longer fingers. My favorite choice is the banshee elite is a 27" and I hope it won't be uncomfortable due to the longer scale. I will be playing it in standard tuning most of the time. Also, are Schecter Custom pickups good? (The Banshee Elite comes with a supercharger bridge pup). And does the sustainiac sound good as a plain neck pickup? I've heard the EMG 57/66 is good too, but I want versatility and EMGs don't really have that reputation. Any help is appreciated!
27" shouldn't be too much different than a 26.5". I doubt you'll notice.

I don't know about the Schecter pickups but I know the Sustainiac is actually a pretty good neck pickup on it's own. And the 57/66 set is being praised as a very passive-like and dynamic. Not your usual EMG at all. You can find demo videos everywhere. My favorite is here:

Gibson RD Silverburst w/ Lace Dissonant Aggressors (SOLD)
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Amps and the like:
Laney VH100R
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What the sustainiac brings to the party is far more important than how the sustainer pickup works as a neck pickup, but it's certainly decent. A half inch difference isn't going to be noticeable at that scale level.
Damn...this is turning out to be a tough choice, haha! Thanks for the help, I just want to make sure I make the right choice if I'm going to be spending this amount of money.
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Also, are Schecter Custom pickups good? (The Banshee Elite comes with a supercharger bridge pup).

Yes. They are awesome. That's actually what Schecter was known for way back in the day, decades ago, before they made guitars. Now they're bringing them back, and they are absolutely top notch pickups. Obviously, the actual tone is all subjective, and up to your own opinion, but as far as build quality is concerned, they're hand-wound custom shop pickups. So, if you like the Banshee, don't let the pickups dissuade you without at least trying them first. They are absolutely NOT the same as the "Schecter Diamond" pickups that they put in their low-end/entry-level guitars.

Also, you mention the EMGs not really having a reputation as being super versatile, which is true, but the 57/66 set in the Hellraiser Hybrid and JL-7 was specifically made to address that issue, and they seem to have done a good job. People are raving about those pickups, and calling them much more versatile and dynamic feeling than EMGs have been known for. That's exactly why Jeff Loomis switched to them from the 707s he'd had in his sig models for years.
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I will probably choose the JL-7 FR...
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