I want to record my guitar but I also want to use ezdrummer for drums. I dont know the best way to do this, I could buy a mic for my amp or i could get a digitech360 and record direct. but if i go with a multieffects unit to record direct how would i be able to record and use ezdrummer because ezdrummer will play thru my audio interface and then my guitar thru mulktieffects unit, so thats 2 usb devices and in your DAW you can only select 1 usb device for your sound card.....if i could get a multieffects unit I wonder if the high gain stuff would sound better than my blackstar 1d:30....wanted to get A multieffects unit anyway to try diff stuff out....the blackstar they say can record usb....altho the digitech 360xl does look coolts bs....i just want to jam and do some recording...what are your suggestions?
If you use your multi effects, plug that into your interface.

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You can use several interfaces at the same time if you use ASIO. Get the asio4all driver, select ASIO as your audio system in your DAW, and map all your inputs and outputs.