Hello, I was wondering if it is possible import GP5 Files to Garageband, as Garageband has Guitars, Bass, Drums and most of the stuff, I don't have Garageband on a mac as I'm sure if this not possible on the ipad one, but I can ask a friend, as I want to turn some pro guitar tabs into Garageband so I can make cover songs really fast and put them into Rock Band customs and play the songs they missed in Rock Band.
Please, I don't know if it possible, and then me and my friend can use his Mac to make a quick cover.
Is anyone ever nice on this forum, I guess not as anyone with Garageband and does pro guitar should know if it works
I guess I'm going to have to share screens with my friend, he knows nothing about midi and stuff so it is going to be hard, I guess this forum not good if no one helps people, bye