I just bought a new Yamaha LL16. It Was £660 and in my opinion, it's very well priced.
This guitar has everything going for it and the tone and playability are up there along with guitars double the price. I tried many guitars in the shop that day, but kept going back to the Yamaha. The guitar has had ARE treatment which means that the wood has the structure of wood that is aged. As they say this guitar sounds like one that has been played for many years, yet it's brand new out the box. It's all solid wood, with ebony fingerboard. The Martins and Taylor's in the same price range were laminated and hadn't a patch on the Yamaha. The finish and craftsmanship is also superb. With a set of 10 gauge Elixer strings on it, it's a beauty.

I would love to hear what you think?
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