Hey guys I'm new here need some help on what to get.I was at first thinking to go for an amp instead of a guitar with emgs but now a friend of mine told me to get the guitar and an interface and connect it to the pc.It would make it easier to get the tone I want which is Kirk or James from Metallica's live sound.Is it really that easy to get that tone? Instead of putting in 1000s of bucks.
A Behringer UCG102 and some VST's of the internet would be best. To get a Metallica sound you'd need a Mesa Rectifier and that's expensive. THe UCG is the cheapest way, look around on the Recordings forum for Metallica VST's.
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Read the stickies over in the recordings forum. There's recommendations for all budgets, and a whole thread full of VSTs.
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^ you can achieve a better metallica tone spending $500 or less in amp sims and an interface, or $10 if you're on the cheap, than you can spending $1k on an amp and a mic and an interface.
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You would want to mic a nice amp through an audio interface to get Metallica tones, not through a digital audio workstation (DAW). +1 to recording sticky

How the hell will he have money on a Mesa Rectifier, a bunch of mics and and interface?
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No money isn't that much of a problem lol there are no mesa amps here nor did I find them anywhere in Dubai.Hell even Marshalls are hard to find.I just want to get something that would keep me happy for long.I also do alot of pentatonic shred like Zakk Wylde.