I'm back on the market for a new amp head. The Hartke LH500 just isn't doing it for me. No matter what I do, I just cannot get the volume or tone to cut through the mix at all. I actually switched back to my older VX3500 combo amp. Paired with the Samsamp RPM, I'm getting a great, clear tone, but I'd rather use my newer Hydrive 4X10. It's a lot easier to transport and weighs much less than the massive 4X10 combo.

I originally thought about getting a new Hartke 5500 amp head, but then I thought this could be a good opportunity to upgrade even more.

I've considered the Hartke Kilo and GK Fusion 550, but, as with most amps, it's hard to actually find one to try out.

Offer me some words of wisdom folks. Ampeg is out of the question. I like hybrid amps, but they're all I've ever known and used. Looking for plenty of volume while retaining a clear tone. Not a fan of the overdriven sound on bass at all. Also needs to be rack-mountable. Price isn't too much of an issue, but I'd like to remain around $1000 USD.