So, I had a KH-502 and I feel insanely stupid selling that since it was such a nice guitar and now I know what I was doing wrong with the FR. Now I am between the KH-202 and Alexi-200. Is the cheaper KH any good or should I look for a 502, I got mine for $175 with a case, since those are real cheap as well? I don't really want another V (the Alexi) since I've already got a V but it is in immaculate shape and cheaper than the KH. Pros and cons of both? By the way, both of them have an actual Floyd Rose bridge, not some cheap one.
actually they both have cheap floyds on them. you do realize that an original FR costs as much as that LTD guitar you mentioned?

always go for the best guitar you can afford. going cheap gets you cheap. get used if you can to streetch teh budget.
I am buying used and the guy has replaced both of the bridges with actual Floyds, I don't know why but he did.