I am online doing another self teaching lesson. I have a brand new Digitech RP255 and a Schecter guitar attached to it. I have managed to get the X-Edit Software to work and I can now build any tones from scratch using what is available on there menu and I guess I can also tweek the values of anything there are allot of options.
I guess I am looking for any tips that are instructional which would be fun to try. Anything helps if you have used one before. Settings for Rock and punk rock would be fun. A heads up on what peddles out there correspond to whatever.
I am online now so if anyone want to talk guitar.
I have visited

I have taken and uploaded many of the patches there.

I guess I want someone to challenge me to find a setting that is most like this song or something or perhaps just helpful hints which patches are good for what sounds.

I think this is what I want to do. I want to create a list of presets that go along with a live performance. Meaning if there are 120 in this machine that would give an average of 10 FX I can use average for 12 songs.

So I guess I am teaching myself and trying to write my first song.

First thing first I am a rip off. I am totally going to cut and paste my way to the top.

First song would use way over 10 FX and I want to start out sounding like a QOTSA song "Song for the Deaf". I know there is a weird effect in that first part of the song.
I want to mimick it a few octaves lower and and spin it around with a few echo clones or whatever they use to enchant the sounds. First part...Just the intro. Anyone on board to help me figure that one out and give me some RP255 homework question to help me figure out the FX.
I have been working on THe fingering and for the QOTSA song from this linkie

Looks pretty tricky But I think I can nail it another link that played in differently got me to tune my guitar to drop C with the other stings dropped tuned aswell.
I still cant seem to find the right sound can anyone recommend a good patch or a general idea the pedal settings on Xedit if I need to make it a custom sound.
This song looks like learning it is a learning experience but it also does not look easy.
I will stick on this song until I learned what I need to learn and steal what I can steal.
This QOTSA song is really difficult for me. And I cant figure out how to set my Xedit to sound like the guitar in the video. Also the tabs in the forum are not the way the guy in the video does it.
I still have no clue how to use my Digitech RP255 but I have tried each of the effects by itself numerious times and mixxed and matched heither and yawn. I have no idea how to get that effect from that queens of the stone age song.
I am going to need some hints or instructions of various things I should try with my RP 255 and the Xedit software.