Asked this on another, more "focused" forum but since UG is more general, I think I have a better chance of information here.

I like and use CTS and Bourns pots (mostly Bourns). I have never used a Bourns push pull pot. I can get them cheaper than anything else I've seen which leaves me a little skeptical. Anyone who has tried them or is using them, your opinions would be appreciated.

Bournes is a fantastic company. I think CTS has more of a pull because any time you mention pots on forums CTS is what people run to. So it could be a simple answer like that. Bournes has a Yngwie Malmsteen pot to doing something in collaboration with Seymour Duncan called the liberator. I remember when I was on the seymour duncan forum (briefly) a lot of members loved them. That is a fantastic forum for guitar electronic questions.

I may be wrong so correct me but CTS is really strict if the pots don't meet this really high standard they toss them.

The #1 concern I have with pots though is the type. Audio taper (A500k) , Linear (B500k) and so forth. For the most part in guitars it's just A and B. Why I have a concern with this and I bring this up a lot for those who have seen my posts is linear saves us the trouble of doing 50s wiring or a kinman treble bleed mod to retain the highs as we roll the volume down 10-1. Other than that a pot is a pot. As long as it gets you from point A to B.

if you got any questions about wiring one up send me a private message as I get back to them quicker than replies here.
I've had bad experience with Bournes push-pull pots, had 2 in a row break right off when pulling up on them.

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I've had Bournes in one of my guitars before. Ended up replacing all of them in short order. I had issues with static when they turned right from the start. Then they started cutting out altogether. I had heard good things about Bournes, but the reputation didn't hold for me. Back to CTS with zero issues in that guitar now.
I've never had a problem with a Bourns pot and I'll continue to use them. As mentioned, I have some CTS pots in use and to be honest, Im just as happy with either brand. I have a box with lots of knobs, the vast majority are coarse shaft and that's the main reason why I chose Bourns over CTS in the first place and I continue to do so because I haven't had any issues with them.

But again, never tried the Bourns push pulls. I guess I'll pick a couple up and see what happens. I'll replace them with Alphas if I have any problems. I don't think I've seen CTS push pulls. Just Alpha, no names and Bourns.

Tallwood ... I'm set with wiring, thanks. But appreciate the offer and will PM you if I have a Q, thanks. The SD forum wasn't much help with the question which is why I also posted here. It was the weekend so maybe it will get more hits.
I don't think that CTS tosses anything but I think that they have a "select" series for which the pots meet tighter tolerances. I also think that they offer a series or two where the pots may have some upgrades but those may be dealer/distributor spec pots. Honestly, I'm good with a basic line, quiet, consistent, decent taper, not way out of spec and affordable. I don't play out any more and I really don't want or need to spend $10 for a volume or tone pot. Besides, except for push pull pots, I've got a box full of pots, mostly Bourns but also CTS, Alpha and no names. I probably have enough pots for life ... except push pulls.
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