I'm probably going to buy either the Jam or the Jam 96k. The difference between the 2 models are relatively small as far as I'm concerned. The Jam96k can record in 96 kHz and Apogee pretends it has a warmer tube tone. Spambot_2 pointed out in another thread that the warmer tube tone emulation is probably some marketing stuff because the tone pretty much relies on the software used? Is there any difference in noise / will one be quieter than the other? I will use the Jam (or Jam 96K) as main amp connecting it to my laptop and using headphones. Another thing where I want to use it for is some recording at home. I want to record some improvisations over backing tracks, I'll cover songs and I want to combine that audio with videos. Will the normal Jam be just fine or do you suggest to invest a little more and go for the Jam 96K?
Just get the Jam. 96k is useless unless you're doing a lot of TCxE or pitch correction.
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