Hello I don't know if I've posted in the correct catergory but just wanted to know if anyone could help me? I have a stratocaster and a cube 1.5 amp, I just wondered if I could recreate the 'whatever people say I am that's what I'm not' sound with my gear?
i believe alex uses a vc30 amp.
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i believe alex uses a vc30 amp.

can i recraete the sound tough with my gear?
probably use the overdrive or distortion (not set too high, you don't want it to be saturated) setting. set the eq controls to 12 o'clock.

sounds like bridge pickup, so select the bridge pickup. keep your tone and volume controls on the guitar up full.

see how that sounds. it sounds to me more like a tele (maybe) but that might get you close enough. tweak the eq on the amp if it's not sounding right.

EDIT: ah right, that's the album, not a single song shows how much i know about AM. But yeah pretty much follow what i said above, should still (more or less) work. Maybe a little more distortion for some songs.
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yeah that seems like a classic AC type tone with a great, low-mid crunch. probably get a great drive pedal / boost tyep situation and you are good.

which seems a little bit different than their new stuff like "are you mine" which seems a bit heavier, fuzzier. i think hes running a low gain fuzz pedal all over that album.
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