Hello everybody, i have a shecter blackjack sls passive that has a floyd rose recessed cavity. My goal is to install a Kahler tremolo.

I believe that i need a Kahler 7300 bridge, a router plate and route appropriately but the fact the guitar is technically an archtop causes me to question that.

If anyone can confirm that bridge as the correct one, and as weell provide some basuc instructions I'd appreciate it.
the good thing about kahlers is that you can set the string raidus any way you want so finding the right model is easier than you think. I like the hybrid myself because it locks, yet it can do everything a floyd rose can.

the big question is what kind of metals do you want it made out of as some swear you can hear a difference in brass this or steel that.

when ordering ensure you've got the right string hooks. Heavier strings you need special string hooks. To get the most out of your strings on the bridge this video is very insightful.
You're going to want to talk to www.wammiworld.com about that.
I'm not sure you're going to need a routing template (you might), but you'll probably need a plate to cover the hole left by the Floyd. At a guess, you'll need a PL-4 or PL-5 adapter plate, depending on whether your guitar had a recessed Floyd or not.

You don't have a spring cavity in the back as you do with a Floyd, so you may want to decide what you're going to do with that big old hole as well.
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