I've had my G&L Rampage, Jerry Cantrell tribute, for sometime now and have never had it restrung or properly setup, and have planned on replacing the pickup at such time that I did.
The stock pup sounds fine, but I just want something a little more special.
The U.S. made version comes with a Seymour Duncan Jb bridge pup, and I had planned to put one of those in my guitar, but recently I bought a PRS that has one in the bridge and I like it, but I don't think it sounds so great that I want it in two guitars, especially since the Rampage only has the one pup and no tone knob.
So now I'm thinking something else...but what?
I will using this guitar for mostly high gainish stuff, and one other point to make is that almost my whole life (guitar wise) I have backed off the tone knob about half way, when using the bridge pickup, so it's not so bright and gives a darker sound while retaining the strong crunch of a bridge pup, however the Rampage has no tone knob, so I am looking for a darker sounding pup, I dont want to have to re dial my eq every time I want to play this guitar... Ya dig
So any G&L rampage players out there that have put something else besides th jb in there ax?
Thanks ahead of time for any advise
My Rampage has a EMG in it with coil split for single coil ...... with one volume adjustment on the guitar you get to know your amp real quick
I often dial back the tone on my Tubescreamer, and that helps, but I have many different favors of guitars and want to bring it closer to the dark tone without having to molest the eq every time
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