Hey, I have been using my EQD Hoof fuzz lately. I am trying to get a sound with some feedback kind of like Gary Clark Jr. and some other blues rock guys. So, I figured that a possible way to get this sound would be to have a bit of crunch on my signal then engage the fuzz. The thing is it seems as though adding gain from the amps normal volume (it has a master as well) reduces the fuzz and gain from the pedal. Its almost like it is sucking some power from the pedal or something. Anyway the amp is an AC15C1 and I run the Hoof into the normal channel as stated. Any suggestions?
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With the crunch added, you're kinda overdriving that crunch sound with the fuzz. Try using a bit less distortion from your amp, only a light sparkle is needed. If you're using a big-muff like setting, you're going to have some volume drop because of the mid cut.
I'm not familiar with that fuzz but if its similar to a Fuzz Face the amount of fuzz depends on how you have your amp dialed in.

If its similar to a Big Muff, try turning the gain down to 9 o'clock and boosting it with a dirt pedal. This is one of my favorite ways to play an AC15, or any amp. Makes for a very Gary Clark Jr-ish tone.
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get yourself an OD and stack it with the Hoof.

heavier fuzz generally doesn't love dirty amps.