Hello everyone today my question is about DADGAD tuning, I am quite fond of celtic style music and also jimmy page and rory gallagher. I am mostly a slide player though-and also I have a deeper singing voice so I mostly find it easier to sing in D STANDARD(not open), I am in a band and I would like to be able to transition from lighter cleaner sounding stuff to heavier led zeppelin-ish type stuff. I used to mess around with dadgad a bit and I am not too bad at learning open tunings(I especially like open G for the keith richards sounds). So basically-is dadgad the answer to my problems? My band has another guitarist so it must be easy for me to communicate and play with him-but since it is a lower tuning I thought maybe it would kinda work for some of the stuff I am singing on-and if I can get my shoulder well enough to let me play my tele again(I have been having to play lefty) would it be a good thing to tune my guitar to? What is riff writing like? What about slide playing? Thanks for any and all help Also I am sorry if this post doesn't make too much sense as I am incredibly tired as I write this.
I'm an open-tuning slide player and standard-tuning fingerpicker who has recently started dabbling with DADGAD. - I'm trying to learn Jansch's arrangement of "The first time ever...." and Molly Tuttle's "Little Sadie". My impression is that it isn't particularly good for slide, and that it is easy to get stuck in a stylistic rut. - Easy to get snakey and celtic waffle, much more difficult to escape from those sounds. OTOH, a lot of very good stuff has been done in DADGAD, but IMO it takes serious concentration on learning things like all the common chords and their voicings.
Tuning is the heart of music, guitar is the mysterious which tunes amazing tone. Tuning is an art.Basically awesome tune is a magic of guitar !!! For it you need proper finger style, proper tuning system so no.In this case I prefer Jamorama first to make it quick and easy..