Hello everyone,
I am new to these forums, but i always visit this website for chords and tabs.
Anyway, i've had my first guitar "Yamaha c-40" and it's been statisfying. Lately i am starting to like it less, the sound this guitar makes and i was wondering wether it is the time to make an upgrade, so what if i wanna make an upgrade ? what choices do i have ?
Surely, the budget counts, and my budget is around 300$, So can i find a real upgrade with this price range or should i stick to my c-40 and save more ?

Thank you in advance.

the C40 is an all laminate guitar so it isn't going to have the best tone, but it's still pretty respectable for the price. before you start buying other guitars, when is the last time you changed the strings on your guitar and do you keep track of the humidity where you live? even laminate guitars eventually do change with too-high or too-low humidity. these things can make a difference.

there are lots and lots of solid top nylon string guitar choices. i like the cordoba C5 - solid cedar top (i love the sound of cedar), and the ones i tried are good quality with good tone. whether you will hear the difference depends on you - i notice that some people who only play one guitar or only entry level guitars don't seem to be able to hear the differences in resonance and sound.
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