The tops of your feet into the mat try to even get the peen key toenails pressing into the net so much that your kneecaps lift up keep your hands under your shoulders and then in healing just gently lift your chest kisses baby Cobra itself from here stay here you've got little weed in your hands but not a lot because most what's holding you up is your back muscles train to squeeze your elbows toward each other and then tried it act like you’re pushing your chest forward she's a really nice energizing Natural Max Garcinia morning pose at the same time pressure pelvis into the ground to keep your lower backlog one more in hell like this and then exhale release bring your chin to the mat tuck your toes and you have an option here to you raise your torso into modified plant with your knees down or you can take the more advanced option which would be lifting up your kneecaps n raising althea way back up into plank pose take one in him here and on your maxilla two ships.

Instructions unclear. Got arrested for destruction of public property because of all that pressuring my pelvis into the ground.
Hellooo, my name's Ninooooo