Hey, thanks for checking my Blackened cover.
This song you're covering belongs to my Maiden favs I think I can't say anything bad about your playing, it's a grat cover and the little improvisations you're throwing there are cool
I also checked few of your other covers and must say you're doing a good job. I like especially the Rush cover. Liked a subscribed

Keep it up!
Dude. I love it. There aren't many purely bass covers that I would check out, but this was well worth it. I love everything.

That bass is killer. That Orange amp in the background is badass. Playing is ****ing stellar man. I just became a bigger Steve Harris fan I think.

Here's something if you want to check it out man:

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Thank you for the kind words on my War Pigs cover

You did a very stellar job covering this song. As stated, the improvisations were awesome and you played this song very accurately. Really there was nothing I can pick out about your playing that needs constructive criticism. If I had to pick up something I would just say the audio of the bass sometimes gets a bit too harsh (for lack of a better word) and the sound gets grain-y, but that's just nitpicking. Great job