Hello there. I'm using a ephiphone LP Guitar (doesn't matter to topic) , a 15w fender amp(standard ones tho) and 3 pedals:
Dist: amt electronics DT-2 (love it)
Wah - Vox (not sure which lol... Not near me atm)
Looper : digitech jamman solo (the little one for 100$ thingy)
So... The little question here... Is what order should they be? Say it like... First is closest to amp and last is right before the guitar.

2Nd and main question... Is ... Why when I put my wah and dist working together , i get the worse sound ever known to man??
Could is be because my amp is old and weak? Maybe pedals don't match??? (i hate think about this idea..)
Well... Looking for ur answers thanks!
Answer to your 2nd question: Are you putting the distortion before your wah? As in,

Epi LP > DT-2 > Vox Wah

If so, your wah is "wah-ing" your distortion sound and that could lead to a garbage tone. Although a few might like it...

Answer to your 1st question: Set up your pedals like this:

Epi LP > Vox Wah > DT-2 > Jamman > Fender Amp

Also, usually when people refer to "first" and "last" when talking about pedal chains, "first" is right after the guitar and "last" is right before the amp. So your wah is first, and your Jamman is last.

Depending upon your amp, you might want to put the Jamman Looper in the effects loop of the amp. And also depending upon your amp, you might have a garbage amp and as a result you will have a bad tone :/
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Looper would be last. Most people would say Dist after wah but you can try before as well.

Question is, do you want to wah your distorted signal? Try both and see what you like most.
With those pedals you should probably go:
guitar -> wah -> dist -> looper -> amp

What order do you have them in when you get the bad sound?
Main question is whether the wah and dist might not be compatible? Because even when I go wah>>dist (without looper) i get a shitty sound... Wah alone (on clean) is ok tho.
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Pedals are not just not compatible. Make a sound clip so we can help better.

That's good to know then. I'll try adding a sound note. But I'm starting to think the problem is my bad amp
^ If you plug straight to your amp, does it sound good? What about guitar -> distortion -> amp?

If your clean tone doesn't sound good, your effected tone won't sound good.
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Quote by Will Lane
Pedals are not just not compatible. Make a sound clip so we can help better.

well that's not entirely true. some vintage fuzzes don't play nice with new pedals and have an issue with being after a wha. something about the pedal not seeing a certain impedence so it dosesn't work properly.
what settings are you at on your distortion pedal? amp? i assume that you are running the distortion into the clean channel on the amp, right?
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