I'm looking for some guitar software that has boutique amps such as the blue angel Dr z amps tone kings etc. Idk if this exists. Would def settle for something that has the Dr z amp lineup.
Amplitube and revalver have such stuff, but they don't sound much good.

For clean tones, have a look at the softube vintage amp room and scuffham s gear.
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Single amp VST's would be better than that, plus most are free. I mean, LePou's stuff is great, I have the Dime in a box VST which is ultra hard to find(Dime's exact tone). Look around for DrZ VST's.
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I want to use the software to play around with settings, in stereo amp setups and effects. Figure it would probably be the best way to find a nice stereo amp combo that I like.
I've always used Guitar Rig, it uses mostly cheeky names to hide the actual brand of the amps and effects it's imprinted.