Please supply me pit, preferably songs that are easier to play. I bought a cheap keyboard last month and only know how to play one song.
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Buy an easy piano book
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Hungarian Rhapsody number 2. Makes 4:33 look like a Shawn Lane piece.
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Need the tabs for this. Normally I'd look at the sheet music but it's not visible from the angle of the frames.

here is the dots on lines
Can't be bothered linking youtube videos so here is a list:

Random Muse songs (New born, Uprising, Starlight, many more)
Jump - Van Halen
Bohemian rhapsody - Queen (actually anything by Queen)
Karma Police - Radiohead

I dunno man, there's heaps. Beatles? Pretty much anything 80's? This was off the top of my head btw. I didn't put much effort into this
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The thing with trying to play Ray Manzarek's parts is keeping the left hand accompaniment constant while playing the ridiculously syncopated rhythms and solos.

Light My Fire is difficult, Riders On The Storm requires extreme concentration. Touch me isn't too bad but the intro riff is hard to do properly without working at it.
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