Greetings all. Glad to be amongst people you dig guitar music. I've recently recorded some new tracks which I have stuck on a YouTube channel.
I'm a big fan of 80's styling. Check these videos out. I'm a one-man-band so I record the guitars, bass, keyboards and drums.

Monday Night: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n5HO01H-A5E

Hope you like.
Here's my YouTube channel – Please subscribe.
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Thanks for the review Aaron.

I have listened to your track "You kept me going" and I see what you mean about liking 80s. The voice certainly suits the music and feel. Do you generally focus on electronica or do you also integrate natural instrumentation as well?
I don't play real drums. I play electric guitar (it plays through much of my tune "You Kept Me Goin'", though often sounds synth-like with the beat sync filter/tremolo effects), electric bass, a tiny bit of harmonica. I've done plenty of guitar oriented rock/surf music/non-modern metal, though I've done a lot of synth stuff lately since I started using synth plug-ins 5 years ago. There's usually some guitar on most songs I've done lately. I bought my first synth in 1981 (Sequential Circuits Pro One, still have it but rarely use it, very noisy now; only sounds acceptable playing through guitar amp modeling), started playing guitar in 1986. I read you're into Alice Cooper (or used to be). We've both (on different dates) played at Gazzarri's in Hollywood. I met someone on the internet that ran into Alice Cooper in a local mall, Alice was shopping for underwear at the time. That image cracks me up. Thank you for your comments.
What a moment... running into Alice Cooper buying jocks. Alice cooper was my first exposure to rock... I was 10 in '89 and wasn't allowed to listen to FM radio (rock & Pop)... just the easy listening of the AM band. I was listening to the shadows, the Ventures, the Seekers and the like... yes this is embarrassing. I only got the tail-end of "hair-metal" and spent the next 5-10 years catching up on what I had missed, even though us Aussies had a lot to offer the 80s music scene.
hey, I love the 80s man, this track does take you back there with those whaling guitars and deep bass sounds. Not sure but I think I can hear some synth in here , with slight jingles? if its not synth it sounds nice none the less My favourite part of the song is around the 2 min area where the song breaks down that's a really well done part of this track!

You can review (C4C) my track here dude https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=33259246#post33259246
Cheers heaven086

I have checked out your track "Be that man" and offered some thoughts.

Cheers brother.