Well according to someone in facebook,
Tone only relies on a guitar player, never the equipment.
He always quoting artists who said that "Tone is in the hands of the player".
Actually there are quite a lot of famous artist who quoted that.
I not saying that the idea is wrong, I just stating that the player, guitar, pedals
and amps
is what makes a guitar player's overall tone.

Translating what he said, its basically this:
"EFFECTS doesnt have a TONE"
"EFFECTS only colors our tone"
"Tone still relies on dynamics of the player"

Which is I agree for the most part, just not on the EFFECTS doesnt have a TONE part.

I believe that the tone of the player is in he's creativity on how he uses all of his resources, such as guitar amps pedals.

And if so that effects is just a color, why do guitarists like Vai and Paul Gilbert always trying new pedals all the time, especially Vai, he even have is own amps because thats what he wanted for his tone.

Im sure Satriani will still sound Satriani with cheap gears, but not as full as a Satriani with all of his equipment, I MEAN HIS EQUIPMENT THAT HE WORKED ON FOR YEARS.(I'm using Satriani as example because he is always using Satriani as example too, since there's a video online of Joe playing Surfing with the Alien using a cheap squire and still sounds amazing)

I just can't stand anymore reading he's posts lecturing anyone about how unimportant effects really are, that the only thing that matters is technique and effects is just a color of it.

For me, I can break down where the guitar player's tone is coming from.

HEART -> FINGER -> GUITAR -> PEDALS -> AMPS and many more.
-This is the overall thing that makes a guitar player's tone. I mean what will come from it is what the guitar players' wanted to have, and you got to respect that.

if you get what I mean pedals are choice, pedals do change the way we play, our variations, sometimes our techniques will change in-relation with the effects or equipment that we use.

What are your thoughts? Is this man right do effects doesnt change your tone? Is it just a color for it nothing more?
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