Alright so I'm building a guitar and I don't like shininess because I don't wanna burn up the audience. Is there any way I can paint chrome hardware matte black? I was thinking spray paint but wouldn't that wear off?
Depends. A well etched & primed metal part can take a hard cured enamel pretty well. Will it wear off? If its a part that you constantly rub against or fiddle with then yes it will. But the chrome would wear off also. Wear from constant friction is a fact of life not a failure of the paint itself.

Why not scuff it with 0000 wool to take the shininess away and leave it at that. Some people have experimented with dipping the parts in warm vinegar or very mild acid solution which slowly etches and matts the chrome while giving it an 'aged' look...if you care for that.
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Why not just buy black hardware?

Because all hardware I wanna get is just chrome or black chrome.