So I just bought Cc and I tried one out in the store and it sounded great. Perfect for what I needed. When I bought one they gave me a brand new one in a box.

When I got home though and tried to use it I noticed it dosent really do anything. I can at most hear one very quiet repeat and thats all. Even with all the knobs maxed out!

I've run it through the fx loop, right in front of the amp. I've tried different amps, different guitars and basses but I can't get it to work. I'm going to call the store and let them know and hopefully get a working one.

But is this something that happens? Can this be fixed? Is it a common issue?
I've run it through the fx loop, right in front of the amp.

Clarify that please, are you saying you have tried running it between the guitar and amp?

If so, something is probably wrong, and I agree to take it back. I found that running my Arion Analog Delay through the effects loop worked but it got a very weak signal, I had to set it pretty high to get it to work right. Between guitar and amp it works great.
Hmmm...I wonder what this button does...
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It definitely sounds like something is wrong. Take it back.

take it back and get a malekko 616, far superior same price.
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If you're turning all the knobs on an analog delay all the way up and only getting one repeat, the pedal is broken.
take it back then swap it for a memory toy deluxe...
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When I barely turn my CC on I get far more than just one repeat. If I turn it up halfway it becomes crazy delayed.
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