Didnt see much info on this before i built my cab and had a hard time deciding the speaker combo. I wanted to give my thoughts on the comparisons of the eminence speakers paired. this is for anyone looking to buy eminence speakers for metal. They are a greay buy and hand made in america!

In the end I went with 2x swamp thangs and 2x wizards but compared the ST to the Texas Heat as well.

ST & TH - this is a pretty ideal tone for metal heads. the ST gave plenty of low end and boom in the low mids for down tuned stuff. Although I didnt find this pair quite as suitable for my ears with other types of music. Just didnt sparkle enough for me when doing anything other than low tuned death metal. It is a great combo for that though.

ST & W - this combo is LOUD. and I mean LOUDDDD. I cant turn my volume up past 4 without blowing my intestines out my ass. This pair seemed to suit metal a little better for me, as I like the downtuned dist and tone the ST gave, but the wizards cut through with the glassier end of the tone in addition to all the low end. I also found that this combo sounded wonderful with cleans, jazz, blues, and everything else for my taste. I have this in my 4x12 cab that i built oversized for better bass response and it slays!!!!!

Just to announce my rig setup, i have a Bugera 6262 infinium(hate on me i know but it sounds like a beast and has held up well) with a sweet spot setup in the pre amp tubes using tung sols and sovteks, with 1 mullard. the power tubes are 2 tung sol 6l6 and 2 JJ 6l6. Cab is an oversized birch with x pattern of swamp thangs and wizards
Nice review

I haven't tried the wizard but I agree with you about the ST + TH combo. I don't really downtune, but for what I play I'm not sure the ST really brought any improvement (for my ears) when compared to the TH alone. As you said, it's pretty dark-sounding.
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