So I'm looking to start recording, and looking through the sticky made me do some googling, as well as check out a few online stores. This is how I came across the Behringer Xenyx QX02 series. Found a few reviews, but they are mostly people doing vocal stuff (podcasts and voiceover on youtube videos). Does anyone have any experience with them? It seems to be a pretty decent product, but I wanted to hear with you guys first.
Last year I replaced the Mackie board in my PA system with a Behringer Xenyx USB 1222. I have done about 40-50 gigs with it since then and I love it. It has more features than I actually needed but I love having them on hand. I have also used it on two occasions as a mixer for recording when I needed to sub mix drums and horns for live recording of two bands that I was hired to do. My Tascam only records eight tracks at a time so needed to sub mix some stuff. I fed the Behringer output to my Tascam 24 track recorder and it was quiet and responsive. I can't comment on the USB feature as I have never used that feature of the board.
Yes I am guitarded also, nice to meet you.
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I have a Q802usb. I dont know if mine is bad or not, but the usb signal has too much latency. I use it as a normal board through a numark usb i/o. I like the built in compressors on the mic inputs. Other than the unusable usb link, I like it. I dont like the fact that I bought it because of usb connectivity.......At least it was a bargain of of craigslist.