A little while back I came across a picture of a Gibson SG Baritone (the one that's completely stark white. Finish, plastic, and all) and I just thought it was the coolest looking thing ever. I have an Epiphone Les Paul studio in alpine white and I wanted to customize it to get that same look. I bought white knobs, pickguard, pickups, etc. But when I replaced all the black parts with the new white ones, the yellowing of the finish really came out and it just looks flat out ugly. Yellowing can be cool, but for this I'm trying to go for that completely stark white look. I'm gonna have to refinish it, so my question is...

Is there any way I can refinish it so that it won't yellow again? Or at least put off the fading for as long as possible? I heard that polyurethane finishes last longer than nitrocellulose or something like that, but they both fade eventually. I also read something about applying a white coat instead of a clear coat. Advice would be appreciated!
Is Alpine White actually the same as plain White?

I don't think the Epi LP is finished in Nitro; however, I'm also interested in hearing from the pro finishers here about keeping it from getting a Yellow/Cream tinge.
I'm repairing the finish on an alpine white LP right now. This axe, like any lacquered axe, has tinted yellow over time - this particular studio model is about 10 years old. He has a couple of big chunks taken out of the lower bout and headstock.

For this axe, the repair will have to match the patina of the finish and continue to age similarly to the original finish for the life of the instrument, so in that respect, we are a dichotomy of the same dilemma.

The issue is not so much the yellowing top-coat, as it is the artic white color that shows the yellowing distinguished by contrast. That's why white plastic hardware is so hard to match.

Poly is stable, but so is nitro. Im afraid you might be chasing the dragon trying to get new things to match older things. Once you shoot the axe fresh, it should age along with the hardware just fine.

Poly on a guitar? What are we, animals?
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