Hey all, I'm in a bit of a bind. Recently I installed some new p-ups in my nighthawk custom reissue (SM-3 mini humbucker and jb model slant humbucker). After the installation was completed I found that the tone pot isn't working. It's a coil split/tone pot. Everything else works fine. Volume and the splitter works great. But there is no change in tone when I turn the knob. I've been over what diagrams I can find and followed the instructions to the letter. What have I missed?!?! Help please.
ok if you've got a multimeter check two places.

firstly check to see if the pot is working. Set the multimeter to 2000k in ohms
wiper (middle contact) to ground (contact on the right)
you'll get a reading depending on the position of the knob so say 0k to 500k or you can test the wiring in places to ensure there is current in the mode that beeps. On higher end multimeters you can test if a capacitor is in working order too. Luckily capacitors in guitars are not polarized (some capacitors are) so this should be an easy fix.

got a reading lets move on

sometimes capacitors can burst or get damaged. When working with higher end capacitors it's always best to use heat sinks like gator clips. Gator clips keep the heat away from the capacitor but make soldering possible. If you've got mylar or ceramic capacitors (green or red that look like pills or small to large orange discs) I would skip this. Mylar capacitors you can pretty much run over with a car ... well not literally but they are very good with abuse from an average soldering iron.

is it vintage style wiring where the capacitor is going pot to pot? or is the capacitor grounded at the base of the tone pot like modern guitars? This can help.

a few things to look for
1- cold solder joints (always have a clean soldering iron tip)
2- loose or faulty connections (always tin everything prior to soldering together)
3- or an issue like the shielding inside the guitar is disrupting the signal, usually with this the whole guitar cuts off though.

diagrams I recommend are seymour duncan diagrams, even if it wasn't an SD pickup
if you needed a new capacitor, radio shack, electronics surplus stores, ebay or stewmac.

anyways let us know
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Thanks so much. I got the meter checked the connections. Turned out it was a cold solder. Thank you for the advice!